Drapers - The Fashion Network http://www.drapersonline.com http://www.drapersonline.com http://www.drapersonline.com/magazine/graphics/logo.png http://www.drapersonline.com Twitter Fight Club………. http://www.drapersonline.com/twitter-fight-club/5034999.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/twitter-fight-club/5034999.blog Last night I would say half the blogging population sat watching a nasty grisly car crash unfold on twitter and just when your jaw had hit the floor it went even further. 21 March, 2012 A bold move in an unpredictable economy …… http://www.drapersonline.com/a-bold-move-in-an-unpredictable-economy-/5034816.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/a-bold-move-in-an-unpredictable-economy-/5034816.blog At the early part of this month it was announced that Mango the Spanish retailer has dropped its prices by an average 20% for spring 12 in order to attract shoppers in the tough economic times. 15 March, 2012 Manchester retailer’s unite post riots….. http://www.drapersonline.com/manchester-retailers-unite-post-riots/5028380.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/manchester-retailers-unite-post-riots/5028380.blog The aftermath of the riots left Manchester’s retail sector bruised and battered, as profits and footfall are rumoured to have been down by up to 20%. So this weekend people from across Manchester gathered in the city centre to show their support to trade as part of the ‘I love Manchester campaign’ 22 August, 2011 Roland Mouret visits Manchester. http://www.drapersonline.com/roland-mouret-visits-manchester/5027829.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/roland-mouret-visits-manchester/5027829.blog French born designer Roland Mouret stops by at Selfirdges Exchange Square Manchester to talk insperation, spanks and the key to his success. 3 August, 2011 Are you the hidden talent in the North or North West? http://www.drapersonline.com/are-you-the-hidden-talent-in-the-north-or-north-west/5027472.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/are-you-the-hidden-talent-in-the-north-or-north-west/5027472.blog If you’re doing some amazing work in the world of fashion or retailing in North or North West and would love to be recognised then enter the Fashion Network competition. Judged by a panel of experts from the UK Fashion Industry, The Fashion Network is looking for 10 of the best companies from across a selection of different categories in the North of England. With continuous difficulties on the High Street we’re seeing an abundance of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the North. ... 22 July, 2011 What's Happening in Manchester City Centre this week? http://www.drapersonline.com/whats-happening-in-manchester-city-centre-this-week/5027354.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/whats-happening-in-manchester-city-centre-this-week/5027354.blog Whether a store is opening, closing, refurbing or going into sale. MFN brings you this weeks news from Manchester city centre… 20 July, 2011 Annoushka Ducas visits Manchester’s to launch new collection into Harvey Nichols. http://www.drapersonline.com/annoushka-ducas-visits-manchesters-to-launch-new-collection-into-harvey-nichols/5027256.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/annoushka-ducas-visits-manchesters-to-launch-new-collection-into-harvey-nichols/5027256.blog Last week I joined Annoushka Ducas of Annoushka Jewellery and stylist to the stars Angie Smith for brunch, as they launched their latest collection from Annoushka Jewellery into Harvey Nichols…. 15 July, 2011 Why you need PR……. http://www.drapersonline.com/why-you-need-pr/5026946.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/why-you-need-pr/5026946.blog Okay this is not just because I’m in PR but in this economic climate I have seen how as people are making cut backs and concessions they cut out the marketing and PR budget – it’s like they are viewed as the “colouring in department” so first to go. 6 July, 2011 Twitter witter …… http://www.drapersonline.com/twitter-witter-/5026945.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/twitter-witter-/5026945.blog Some amazing things can happen due to Twitter and it’s not just a place where you get banal rumblings from celebrities to your mate at work – they can be life changing in the US they are often being used as a tool to get homeless people back into housing etc and from a PR perspective they can be excellent brand awareness and selling tool. 6 July, 2011 The questions you should ask…. http://www.drapersonline.com/the-questions-you-should-ask/5026774.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/the-questions-you-should-ask/5026774.blog At the moment I have been out and about looking round the North and found some amazing small niche retailers / independents who have great stock and not the usual High Street looks all the great ideas and products which make independent’s the main back bone of fashion. 29 June, 2011 As you get older ……. http://www.drapersonline.com/as-you-get-older-/5026773.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/as-you-get-older-/5026773.blog Yes one of the things you learn as you get older is when and where to pick a fight and another is how to do proper research! 29 June, 2011 CK store launch party in Manchester. http://www.drapersonline.com/ck-store-launch-party-in-manchester/5026686.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/ck-store-launch-party-in-manchester/5026686.blog With a little help from MFN Ck Calvin Klein throw Manchesters party of the season..... 27 June, 2011 WGSN introduced WGSN Boutique to Manchester. http://www.drapersonline.com/wgsn-introduced-wgsn-boutique-to-manchester/5026673.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/wgsn-introduced-wgsn-boutique-to-manchester/5026673.blog WGSN, the World’s largest fashion trend forecaster, visited Manchester to introduce a new concept to retailers, buyers and PRs from within the Northern fashion sector. 27 June, 2011 Salford University 2011 BA Fashion Graduates. http://www.drapersonline.com/salford-university-2011-ba-fashion-graduates/5026597.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/salford-university-2011-ba-fashion-graduates/5026597.blog Salford University excel with their 2011 fashion graduates and create an I Phone app for the industry to view the full collection… 23 June, 2011 The appetite is there…… http://www.drapersonline.com/the-appetite-is-there/5026564.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/the-appetite-is-there/5026564.blog It has been a very interesting few weeks – the last London Fashion Network was on investment and funding and it was great to see a mixture of people in the audience from members who are looking to start up to people who have an existing business which has grown and they are now feel confident enough to expand further. It wasn’t just looking at the home UK market but people considering their expansion overseas and increasing their online presence. 23 June, 2011 Manchester Fashion Network and North West fashion houses offer students a leg up the fashion ladder. http://www.drapersonline.com/manchester-fashion-network-and-north-west-fashion-houses-offer-students-a-leg-up-the-fashion-ladder/5026085.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/manchester-fashion-network-and-north-west-fashion-houses-offer-students-a-leg-up-the-fashion-ladder/5026085.blog MFN deadicated the month of May to ‘The Making It Series’ - a five part series dedicated to giving the next generation a leg up into the fashion ladder…. 10 June, 2011 The Doctor will see you now - Manchester Arndales open their Denim Surgery. http://www.drapersonline.com/the-doctor-will-see-you-now-manchester-arndales-open-their-denim-surgery/5025834.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/the-doctor-will-see-you-now-manchester-arndales-open-their-denim-surgery/5025834.blog Manchester’s Arndale are currently work with their retailers on their new concept “The Denim Surgery”. 2 June, 2011 Five minutes with Holly Fulton http://www.drapersonline.com/five-minutes-with-holly-fulton/5024417.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/five-minutes-with-holly-fulton/5024417.blog The British Fashion Council and ELLE Magazine launched the BFC/Elle Talent Launch Pad winner Holly Futon talks to myself and MFNs Jordan McDowell on how Launch Pad is helping further her career. 12 April, 2011 What's Happening in Manchester City Centre? http://www.drapersonline.com/whats-happening-in-manchester-city-centre/5025482.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/whats-happening-in-manchester-city-centre/5025482.blog Find out the latest retail developments in Manchester City Centre 19 May, 2011 Five minutes with designer Eudon Choi http://www.drapersonline.com/five-minutes-with-designer-eudon-choi/5024418.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/five-minutes-with-designer-eudon-choi/5024418.blog The British Fashion Council and ELLE Magazine Talent Launch Pad winner Eudon Choi talks to myself and MFNs Jordan McDowell on how The Launch Pad is helping further her career. 12 April, 2011 The Royal Warrant …. http://www.drapersonline.com/the-royal-warrant-/5025173.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/the-royal-warrant-/5025173.blog Over the last six weeks we have had literally thousands of emails about the Royal Wedding and any PR link you could possibly make with it – we had made a conscious decision not to mention the Royal Wedding on our three blogs as we thought people would be so over it and also constantly having it in their face via the news media. 9 May, 2011 Hervia Bazaar host Elle Talent Launch party http://www.drapersonline.com/hervia-bazaar-host-elle-talent-launch-party/5024416.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/hervia-bazaar-host-elle-talent-launch-party/5024416.blog HERVIA BAZAAR HOST A STYLISH PARTY TO CELEBRATE THEIR INVOLVEMENT WITH THE BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL/ELLE TALENT LAUNCH PAD INITIATIVE 12 April, 2011 Stitch appoints Ted Baker’s media design consultancy for new design direction. http://www.drapersonline.com/stitch-appoints-ted-bakers-media-design-consultancy-for-new-design-direction/5024420.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/stitch-appoints-ted-bakers-media-design-consultancy-for-new-design-direction/5024420.blog Menswear show Stitch takes new design direction 12 April, 2011 Behind the scenes …. http://www.drapersonline.com/behind-the-scenes-/5024396.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/behind-the-scenes-/5024396.blog my look at what goes on behind the scenes at photolink 12 April, 2011 Battle of the blogs………….. http://www.drapersonline.com/battle-of-the-blogs/5024692.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/battle-of-the-blogs/5024692.blog Blogs as I know can be very powerful tools they can take someone from obscurity and turn their life round. 20 April, 2011 Cookie Cutters http://www.drapersonline.com/cookie-cutters/5024675.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/cookie-cutters/5024675.blog Sometimes we all know one size doesn’t fit all and in fashion if that was the case wouldn’t life be simple instead of having to do a range or each style in the most popular sizes. 20 April, 2011 The North West 2011 Fashion Recruitment Series http://www.drapersonline.com/the-north-west-2011-fashion-recruitment-series/5024379.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/the-north-west-2011-fashion-recruitment-series/5024379.blog This May The Manchester Fashion Network host their graduate recruitment event. Ideal for graduates looking to break into the fashion industry and for companies who are looking to fill placements, graduates, or junior level roles. 11 April, 2011 Mark Fast for Pinko. http://www.drapersonline.com/mark-fast-for-pinko/5024385.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/mark-fast-for-pinko/5024385.blog TFN had brunch with Pinko’s sales team and viewed their latest exclusive collaboration with Mark Fast. 11 April, 2011 What's Happening in Manchester City Centre? http://www.drapersonline.com/whats-happening-in-manchester-city-centre/5024162.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/whats-happening-in-manchester-city-centre/5024162.blog MFN’s lowdown on what’s happening within retail in Manchester. 1 April, 2011 Manchesters new luxury retail space- The Avenue http://www.drapersonline.com/manchesters-new-luxury-retail-space-the-avenue/5023689.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/manchesters-new-luxury-retail-space-the-avenue/5023689.blog On Wednesday we started off our working day with a little tour of the Avenue at Spinningfeilds, Manchester’s latest luxury shopping, and city cuisine development. 18 March, 2011 Umbro ex-executive to re-vamp old football brand Admiral http://www.drapersonline.com/umbro-ex-executive-to-re-vamp-old-football-brand-admiral/5023394.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/umbro-ex-executive-to-re-vamp-old-football-brand-admiral/5023394.blog Iconic football brand Admiral to re-launch with new design direction 10 March, 2011 DisneyRollerGirl talks Galliano. http://www.drapersonline.com/disneyrollergirl-talks-galliano/5023238.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/disneyrollergirl-talks-galliano/5023238.blog DisneyRollerGirl gives TFN her take on Gallianos recent troubles….. 7 March, 2011 Drapers Inspiring Indies and Stitch A/W Parties. http://www.drapersonline.com/drapers-inspiring-indies-and-stitch-a/w-parties/5022988.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/drapers-inspiring-indies-and-stitch-a/w-parties/5022988.blog February was full on for TFN, not only did we have trade shows to visit we also had an array of parties to attend and as always we take partying just as seriously as working… 28 February, 2011 Stitch A/W 2011 Round Up. http://www.drapersonline.com/stitch-a/w-2011-round-up/5022977.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/stitch-a/w-2011-round-up/5022977.blog From Saturday 12th Feb-Tuesday 15th Katrina, Jordan and I went off to London for the UKs biggest fashion trade shows; Pure, Pure Spirit and Stitch and it was my job to keep and eye on the men….. 28 February, 2011 Spring Summer at Harvey Nichols. http://www.drapersonline.com/spring-summer-at-harvey-nichols/5022667.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/spring-summer-at-harvey-nichols/5022667.blog Harvey Nichols, Manchester hosted their annual Spring Summer Fashion show at Manchester Art Gallery. 21 February, 2011 Vogues Calgary Avansino talks Spring Summer 2011 at Selfridges, Manchester. http://www.drapersonline.com/vogues-calgary-avansino-talks-spring-summer-2011-at-selfridges-manchester/5022555.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/vogues-calgary-avansino-talks-spring-summer-2011-at-selfridges-manchester/5022555.blog We were invited to a very exciting evening with Vogue’s Executive fashion editor Calgary Avansino, who in conjunction with Selfridges showed us what’s hot for SS11 18 February, 2011 Our brand to watch at Stitch this weekend http://www.drapersonline.com/our-brand-to-watch-at-stitch-this-weekend/5022181.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/our-brand-to-watch-at-stitch-this-weekend/5022181.blog This weekend we’re all heading down the M6 to London to check out the menswear brands exhibiting at Stitch…. 9 February, 2011 Peter Saville designs range for Umbro http://www.drapersonline.com/peter-saville-designs-range-for-umbro/5022098.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/peter-saville-designs-range-for-umbro/5022098.blog Thursday night was the unveiling of the Peter Saville and Umbro collaboration at Harvey Nichols Manchester….. 4 February, 2011 Henri Lloyds younger brother HL Jeans Co are pioneering new music. http://www.drapersonline.com/henri-lloyds-younger-brother-hl-jeans-co-are-pioneering-new-music/5021870.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/henri-lloyds-younger-brother-hl-jeans-co-are-pioneering-new-music/5021870.blog HL Jeans Co have set up a new scheme called HL Music and we got the inside goss from what’s happening and what to expect from them in 2011…. 1 February, 2011 2011 TFN http://www.drapersonline.com/2011-tfn/5021872.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/2011-tfn/5021872.blog We look forward to another year of business networking events in Manchester and London. 1 February, 2011 Selfridges Spring/Summer' 11 http://www.drapersonline.com/selfridges-spring/summer-11/5021719.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/selfridges-spring/summer-11/5021719.blog TFN were invited for Breakfast at Selfridges Manchester Trafford Centre to view the latest in Spring/Summer ladieswear trends and our very own Jordan McDowell went along….. 26 January, 2011 MFN Celtic Christmas http://www.drapersonline.com/mfn-celtic-christmas/5021329.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/mfn-celtic-christmas/5021329.blog MFN Christmas party sponsored by Bench, Ringspun, Radiator PR and Stitch 17 January, 2011 EMU A/W'11 Preview http://www.drapersonline.com/emu-a/w11-preview/5021328.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/emu-a/w11-preview/5021328.blog Last Thursday EMU Australia hosted an evening in Manchester, at the exclusive The Place Hotel and Apartments, to preview their A/W 11 collection…. 17 January, 2011 Did Santa Stop for you … http://www.drapersonline.com/did-santa-stop-for-you-/5021179.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/did-santa-stop-for-you-/5021179.blog As a child my mum ran a department store so she was Santa’s boss – you can’t imagine the power this gave me at school! 13 January, 2011 Trade VS Celebrity http://www.drapersonline.com/trade-vs-celebrity/5021160.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/trade-vs-celebrity/5021160.blog Last week an invite from an well know brand dropped into MFNs inbox..... 12 January, 2011 Luke Store Launch in Manchester http://www.drapersonline.com/luke-store-launch-in-manchester/5021159.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/luke-store-launch-in-manchester/5021159.blog Luke open their doors with open arms (and cocktails) to Manchesters fashion scene.... 12 January, 2011 Rio Ferdinand’s Five and Selfridges http://www.drapersonline.com/rio-ferdinands-five-and-selfridges/5021155.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/rio-ferdinands-five-and-selfridges/5021155.blog Rio host launch for his collaboration with Strut... 12 January, 2011 Fashion Democracy http://www.drapersonline.com/fashion-democracy/5020054.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/fashion-democracy/5020054.blog Sometimes you feel like you have the perfect product at the perfect price but none of those elusive prefect customers who will fall in love and buy your dresses, or tops and we all know being a designer or tiny retailer isn’t about the product you have to be Jack or Jill of all trades and do the selling and accounts and PR and it’s just a huge amount to juggle. 3 December, 2010 Affiliate Marketing. How does it work? http://www.drapersonline.com/affiliate-marketing-how-does-it-work/5019632.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/affiliate-marketing-how-does-it-work/5019632.blog The London Fashion Network hosted an event aimed at dispelling the myths surrounding Affiliate Marketing in the blogosphere and ecommerce sector. 22 November, 2010 Pop Up Shops- The opportunities http://www.drapersonline.com/pop-up-shops-the-opportunities/5018694.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/pop-up-shops-the-opportunities/5018694.blog TFN discusses the rise of the pop up shop... 27 October, 2010 Coming to a town near you http://www.drapersonline.com/coming-to-a-town-near-you/5017635.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/coming-to-a-town-near-you/5017635.blog It’s now been two years since we launched London Fashion Network and together with the Manchester side we have covered a great deal of topics and helped lots of people along the way. 27 September, 2010 Media Relationships http://www.drapersonline.com/media-relationships/5016460.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/media-relationships/5016460.blog On Tuesday 27th July like minded fashion individuals from across London gathered at Sanctum Soho hotel, for the latest edition of LFNs business talks, A Conde Nast Digital Special. 23 August, 2010 “Finspired” http://www.drapersonline.com/finspired/5015293.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/finspired/5015293.blog This week I chatted with my friend Alex Finlay who “Finspired” me with tales of her first Pitti. 19 July, 2010 Supporting the industry from within http://www.drapersonline.com/supporting-the-industry-from-within/5014097.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/supporting-the-industry-from-within/5014097.blog Over the decades, the retail industry has shifted and transformed into it’s current guise. 15 June, 2010 So just how do you do that? http://www.drapersonline.com/so-just-how-do-you-do-that/5013018.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/so-just-how-do-you-do-that/5013018.blog Sometimes you just look at a business and you think “how did they do that? Or “what inspired them torisk everything they owned to just pursue a dream and know it would turn out all right?” 17 May, 2010 Making It: Fashion Design http://www.drapersonline.com/making-it-fashion-design/5012524.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/making-it-fashion-design/5012524.blog Everybody wants to be their own boss, so how do you make the dream happen? As part of our ‘Making it’ series, last week we invited a panel of industry experts consisting of Upender Mehra, Owner of Liberty Freedom, Steven Cheema, Creative Director of 48HRS and Leesa Bertram, Managing Director of Pretty Disturbia to share their experiences and advise the audience on how to create and maintain a successful fashion label. 28 April, 2010 Get networking! http://www.drapersonline.com/get-networking/5011967.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/get-networking/5011967.blog I had the amazing honour to be invited to the Drapers Next Generation Event on the 26th of March at the Soho Hotel. 8 April, 2010 Retail Relationships http://www.drapersonline.com/retail-relationships/5011618.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/retail-relationships/5011618.blog These days you don’t even have to leave the comfort of the Arndale shopping centre to see the damage that the recession has done to the retail market. 24 March, 2010 “Drink Me! Eat Me!” http://www.drapersonline.com/drink-me-eat-me/5011214.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/drink-me-eat-me/5011214.blog As you can imagine with a name like Alice I grew up in an Alice themed bedroom – I had an Alice dressing up dress even I thought I look like Snow White. 11 March, 2010 Pop Up Shopportunities http://www.drapersonline.com/pop-up-shopportunities/5010884.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/pop-up-shopportunities/5010884.blog Despite the official word from the Government that we’re not in recession (personally I don’t think we’ve seen the worst yet) the High Street is still in a bad way battling against credit issues and the rapid growth of e-commerce. 26 February, 2010 New shows bring new opportunities http://www.drapersonline.com/new-shows-bring-new-opportunities/5010800.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/new-shows-bring-new-opportunities/5010800.blog We might be in the middle of the worst recession ever but at least the fashion industry in the UK is being very optimistic and focusing on the future. 24 February, 2010