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Managing your time

Managing your time by the Federation of Small Businesses

A common complaint among small business owners is ‘not having enough hours in the day’. There are so many tasks and demands, it can be hard to complete everything fully.

Look at what you need to do and why, and if you can, work with partners who might be able to help you if some areas of work fall outside of your expertise.

Be realistic about your strengths and capabilities, set realistic deadlines and build in some slack into your schedule to give you the best chance of meeting your deadlines.

Ironically, technology such as smartphones promise to increase productivity and accessibility, but can make life more complicated and do put you on call 24/7. Make a pact with yourself not to overuse it.

Make sure you stand back and look at the bigger picture on a regular basis. It is easy to get bogged down in the here and now. Stepping back gives you a sense of order, structure and perspective and will help you to ensure you are giving the right amount of time on tasks which need it most.

Most importantly do not expect too much of yourself or become disenchanted. Time management might sound logical, but we have such complex lives that sometimes managing time can be harder than it sounds.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to change everything at once, set small but clear goals and achieve them one by one!

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Readers' comments (4)

  • Thierry BAYLE

    Cannot agree more!
    We have so many good reasons to be distracted, unfocused...
    List the issues and opportunities in the business, rank them and work on them diligently.


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  • Thierry BAYLE

    Remember you have IMPORTANT tasks and urgent tasks in your business.
    You MUST keep quality time to handle the important tasks otherwise you cannot grow the business.

    The above is going to be esier if you have set up a clear vision and goals for the business.

    Happy Retailing.


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  • Thierry BAYLE

    A GREAT TOOL to make the other party waste his/her time.

    Just make sure you never put your phone number at the bottom of an email. So that when this buyer, client or partner wants to deal with you, give you business, he/she needs to send you an email to request your phone number.

    How many emails do I receive without a phone number? well over 50%. WHY?
    Are we building or destroying Brand value?

    Thierry Bayle

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  • Thierry BAYLE

    Smart Phone email signature
    Either people do not know how to put a phone number or signature on their email coming from the smart phone or they do not want as the percentage is then well over 80% for me.
    Have a great week end.


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