Drapers - The Fashion Network http://www.drapersonline.com http://www.drapersonline.com http://www.drapersonline.com/magazine/graphics/logo.png http://www.drapersonline.com Coming to a town near you http://www.drapersonline.com/coming-to-a-town-near-you/5017635.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/coming-to-a-town-near-you/5017635.blog It’s now been two years since we launched London Fashion Network and together with the Manchester side we have covered a great deal of topics and helped lots of people along the way. 27 September, 2010 Media Relationships http://www.drapersonline.com/media-relationships/5016460.blog http://www.drapersonline.com/media-relationships/5016460.blog On Tuesday 27th July like minded fashion individuals from across London gathered at Sanctum Soho hotel, for the latest edition of LFNs business talks, A Conde Nast Digital Special. 23 August, 2010