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darren hoggett

darren hoggett




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  • Comment on: Nike pulls product from Amazon

    darren hoggett's comment 14 November 2019 4:47 pm

    Nike have to be careful here. They don't seem to realise that in the vast majority of cases, the consumer is more loyal to the retailer than the brand, so closing down channels under the assumption that the consumer will migrate to one of their channels is frankly naive.

  • Comment on: Rain keeps shoppers at bay in October

    darren hoggett's comment 12 November 2019 9:49 am

    Pretty desperate stuff by blaming the weather.

    I would like to quote 'SixG' from The Times dated 11/11/19, when commenting on a similar article:

    "Many are in denial. It's not wet weather, it's not Brexit, it's our shopping habits. They're changing fast. Today's high street is dying.

    In 10 years commentators will be bemused. How could they not see what was happening? It was obvious."

    These comments are ones I hear with increasing frequency, as shopping becomes an increasingly indoor activity, much to the sadness to ourselves and retailers up and down the country.

    Retail isn't a race to the bottom, it is a retreat until the end.

  • Comment on: M&S blames 'weak' clothing for first half slump

    darren hoggett's comment 6 November 2019 11:40 am

    Having quick scan on their website, M&S Mens shirts are nearly all sub £30.00 and they have chinos at little as £19.50...

    The rot set in a long time ago when M&S went in the wrong direction as it unnecessarily worried about retailers like Primark and Next. As successful as those retailers are, they ended up being a distraction, as they should have been no concern to them.

    Consumers used to go to M&S not because it cheap, but because its was quality and things used to last. That is no longer the case, so what is their raison d'etre?

    If the consumer is prepared to pay a little more for their food, then they would for their clothes, but I fear they've gone down the wrong road for too long to turn back. They've blown it.

  • Comment on: Discounting drives October retail sales

    darren hoggett's comment 5 November 2019 1:00 pm

    It is not accurate to state that discounting has 'driven' sales, as they may have sold at full price anyway. It is a constant misconception.

    As for discounting new stock, that is a simple admission that you aren't good enough as a retailer. You might as well wave the white flag outside the door. You cannot build a relationship with brands on a long term basis by discounting, as that can only go one way.

    There is no art in selling things below their value.

    Indies need to believe in their own convictions and by looking at the failure of the multiples, even more so.

  • Comment on: Demands for 'level playing field' from business rates report

    darren hoggett's comment 1 November 2019 10:22 am

    I agree much with the previous poster.

    While the consumer has, and will continue to migrate to e-com, blaming online businesses is a Red Herring. They are far from immune to commercial pressures too.

    There seems to be this misguided approach that if the rates system was shaken up and made the 'High Street' (sic) more competitive, customers would migrate back to physical shopping. That is not going to happen.

    We live in a world where there is far too much of everything, with retail being no exception. Whether it is physical or e-com, the strongest will survive and that will actually make it better for the consumer and re/e-tailer in the long term, as quantity is never better than quality.

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