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JJ Stephens

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  • Comment on: Unpaid supplier hits out at Turner-Mitchell

    JJ Stephens's comment 19 July 2013 12:02 pm

    I had no idea they had closed then had a peek at the website to see our brand shown on the brand page but we have only delivered 1 small order (pro forma) in Dec 11. Maybe it didn't sell for them and if so, why keep a banner up with an image + from SS12 + from a range that was never stocked?
    Maybe he just wants to write about being an indie rather than actually being one? Fair enough as a whole lot easier I guess.
    Indie retailing in B+M is hard (we did it for 22 years) so I can see why he would prefer to do something else.

  • Comment on: Eric Musgrave appointed Editorial Director of Drapers

    JJ Stephens's comment 5 July 2013 12:33 pm

    Fantastic news...gotta love EM.....I really noticed the change in the content when he left years back.
    Please please please can there be at least a small amount of genuine opinions / promo articles that aren't paid for...but are about labels/brands written on their own merit.

  • Comment on: Republic buying boss heads to JD

    JJ Stephens's comment 14 March 2013 9:42 pm

    Nice little tiff going on above .......but the real debate is surely the blinkered view that these companies seem to have of wanting to dominate bricks and mortar retailing with a variety of fascias? I mean, do they not feel the seismic change going on in shopping, especially amongst the 16 - 25 age group?
    There aren't enough interesting labels about because savvy new ones with a product that has a USP can reach a niche customer base directly online and side-step the big guys if they choose. They don't need large chain store PO's to reach the customers so they can develop their label unlike before. Relying on a pool of indie retailers isn't enough any longer (unless they are a very manistream product) as there are no longer enough of them.

  • Comment on: Flannels adds fuel to indies’ Grazia promotion debate

    JJ Stephens's comment 18 October 2009 0:16 am

    Oooh, what comments? I must have missed that story.
    Asos are brave by doing an open forum. Always customer grumbles and complaints on it for all to see.
    I even had one myself as I didn't realise you had to put in a code to get free postage when spending over a certain amount . Got a reply and a postage refund straight away.

    It's almost become the place to post a query or a moan and, though they must screen it, most of the complaints are left up for all to see.......and dealt with quickly.

    I can't see why negative or controversial commnents are removed from here. Surely the subject of the article should just write and reply to defend themselves if they feel they are unjustified?

  • Comment on: Sarah Coggles berated for Grazia promotion

    JJ Stephens's comment 13 October 2009 9:36 pm

    With the utmost respect to the Dreapers team, I do notice that they don;t dare to report on certain topical issues and could be seen to be a teeny tiny bit sychophantic at times.....but the ads pay the wages so, unless a trade mag can exist ad free, then the content isn't ever going to upset the advertisors or the P/T 'journalists' who work in the industry, who write in it.

    That is why I think Coggles was brave and just did what he did for his own benefit during a difficult trading period. He knew he would get flack and, maybe, some from the big brands but still did what he thought was best for his business. Good for him.

    The Times has written about Mr K Stanford, Landsbanki et al and Bauger yet Drapers hasn't mentioned him for months....not a sausage yet he was a very big player in retail during the past decade.

    IF (and I emphasise IF) The Sunday best proprieter is a bit miffed by it, then she has 2 ways to go. Stay as she is or try beat them at their own game...and do her own web promo....but bigger and better.

    Retailing is changing massively, really quickly. I think us 30+'s are used to change and can adapt but not to it happening so quickly. I will confess to it catching me out a couple of years back.

    The comm landlords were well wrong footed as their values dropped 40% in 18 months despite all the cloaking and tricks. Unheard of as drops like that take years usually.

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