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josie stephens

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  • Comment on: Mary Portas stars in Save Our Shops documentary

    josie stephens's comment 29 June 2009 11:42 pm

    Whilst the above is all ver worthy when written down, it is also very waffly and the writer doesn't seem to have any idea of the problems facing Indie retailers from avery sector over the past decade.
    A skills course isn't going to save indie retail areas.
    Lower rents (not valued against the Starbucks/Costa in the location) would help.

    Indies work on much smaller margins. The gap between cost of product and sale price is far smaller than a chain competitor.
    Therefore they cannot pay as high rent.....the rents being set by the big boys on the area.

    To say that Sainsburies dominates because it invest in skills is a smokescreen. The big supermarkets dominate as they push suppliers to the bone, kill out any local competition..but that's OK, they invest in 'Skills' for their, predominantly, 4 hour contract, min wage staff.

    Same with the chain clothing stores, many working on mark ups of X 5, X 6 or even more.

    I haven't met a supplier who can supply an Indie boutique with a 6 times mark up.