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Going off on one(sie) – it’s 2012’s most unattractive fashion trend

Geordie Shore and The Only Way is Essex have a lot to answer for

VoucherCodesPro (no, me neither) has conducted a poll into the year’s most unattractive fashion trends and, rather aptly, at number one is the onesie. For those of you who aren’t aware of this sartorial aberration, it’s essentially a romper suit for fully grown human beings. Casting aside the slightly dodgy Freudian and regressive connotations of the garment, they don’t half look ugly so it’s no surprise they top the chart.

But where have these come from? Could it be customers are looking to the comfortable cocoon of a onesie to block out all the world’s troubles? There has to be some reason people would wear something so visually unappealing and unflattering out and about - I’m at a loss, suggestions welcome.

Looking further down the list is like rummaging through Joey Essex’s wardrobe: the top five is rounded off by men’s Uggs (for me the “men’s” qualifier is redundant in this instance), wide-peaked caps, low cut v-neck T-shirts and denim shirts. Make of that what you will but it was the revelation that over half of respondents said they often wore items of clothing that were in fashion that they didn’t like just to look ‘cool’ and that nearly a third said they would wear something they felt looked stupid if their favourite celebrity wore it that had me scratching my head.

I thought the general public was supposed to be more fashion-savvy than ever, a population full of people who knew what they wanted, where to get it and how much they wanted to pay for it but it appears that these sweeping statements we all like to make don’t always ring true. An important note indicating we’re all the same, but only we’re not.


Readers' comments (5)

  • Emily Norval

    I’d like to jump in here to defend the onesie. Though not flattering to many – if any – what the onesie lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in comfort. We've seen plenty of times before (especially in the winter) that people will turn to comfort over style and though said comfortable garments may be perceived as ‘ugly’, they will determinedly wear them anyway, until they somehow transcend their hideousness to become an accepted part of our fashion culture (hello, sheepskin boots). For this, I think that chilly shoppers should be applauded. The onesie is an unstoppable trend which I doubt is going to disappear any time soon, if for no other reason than it is very, very cold out. I think that we should accept the onesie and it’s comforting, warm, durable qualities and instead of reviling it, embrace a new era of ‘hug couture’.

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  • Personally I think anyone who has the gall to wear a onsie outside of the house is in need of a hard slap. It's tantamount to wearing your pyjamas out and has no place in civilised society.

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  • "Nearly a third said they would wear something they felt looked stupid if their favourite celebrity wore it"

    That is crazy and depressing in equal measure

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  • Chav culture is for the lowest common denominator. Trouble is, there's plenty of them around and we live in shallow times. Question is, 'Do we cater for them or not?'. As a discerning retailer, the answer is no.

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  • Onesies are great.
    When I first saw them about 3 years back I too was mystified but I love them now (as a look) . Bought 25 yo son one for Xmas (from Egan), daughter has been shuffling around in them for 2 years and our gorgeous model turned up @ our photo shoot in one (with sequin uggs) after a tube journey through central London. However I see this as a trend for the young/attractive. Hubby was eying them up recently (''ooooh they look so cosy, so comfy'')and I put my foot down as late 40's male, bit of a tum is not a good onesie look IMO.

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