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Victoria Beckham unveils spring 10 collection

A series of small fashion shows as opposed to one extravaganza was held by Victoria Beckham to unveil her latest collection at New York Fashion Week.

Beckham, who presented her third collection at New York Fashion Week yesterday, spurned the convention of producing entirely new designs, and focused instead on tweaking already-successful dresses.

Her signature fitted dress had stronger shoulders and capped sleeves, while her fold-front dress had a shorter hemline, sitting just above the knee.

After a traditional couturier’s presentation, she said: “This is my third collection, and I wanted to push myself, but I also wanted to be respectful of my customer. I want her to know she can rely on me.”

Beckham added that the industry was now taking her seriously as a designer.

“I know I used to be in a pop group and I’m married to a footballer - a very lovely footballer,” she said. “But I’m grateful that people are prepared to leave their preconceptions at the door and let the dresses speak for themselves.”

Readers' comments (6)

  • If this was literature she would be accused of plagiarism...Ms Beckham should hang her head in shame as should all the editors fawning over her.....

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  • I am always amazed how easy it seems to be for anyone to suddenly become an overnight success as a clothing designer-
    I must be very dim, as I spent 6 Years at college/university and then 20 years working my way up in the industry, and have not yet managed to reach the same dizzy heights as many a footballers wife/glamour model/minor celeb achieve overnight-----


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  • edith flore

    Although Victoria's stuff is nice, it is nothing that has not been created in the past....After all we know that she does not sew at all and the only reason for her success is that she has the money, the connections for the PR & Marketing. so quite frankly not impressed. She should try

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  • Leon Bailey Green

    Wow - it's funny what jealousy does to some people.

    Lots of celebrities have fashion ranges, but Victoria is in the tiny minority that is being taken seriously. Why do you think she stands out compared to the others?

    It can't be money/fame as some have suggested, as there are plenty of others who also have that in abundance.

    Perhaps she has just worked hard? Shock horror.

    Her hard work started in the music industry and continues in fashion - maybe hard work opens doors, what do you think? I'm just putting that theory out there.

    Yes, she married a footballer and he's famous. Get over it.

    Her designs can actually be worn in the real world (for those that can afford them anyway); I just hope that is an inspiration to other designers leaving college, who make things people can actually wear, instead of these crazy designs appealing to such a niche market. Funnily enough, that's where the money is and why she's making lots of it.

    She works hard and knows her market.

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  • I am kind of with Leon on this one, which surprised me;-).

    It is plain as day there is a serious talent behind the only have to check out who else her manager deals with but, an amazing, totally wow range can vanish or not sell as well as it could unless it has some smart marleting and promo behind it...and I don't mean a few nice pics in Vogue on a top model.

    It takes more than just being a nice frock to get people opening their purses nowadays and the team VB have got it spot on. No flash show but masses of underlying hype that seems to connect with their target customer.

    I work away in the niche market and tick over but I don't have the envy that others have of VB.
    When younger I would have but Is it really that important to have ones own personal name on a label? There has always been too much ego in fashion, goes with the territory, but 'sales is what counts' at the end of the day. And those that get the sales, win the game.

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  • Jessica Good

    It sells out every time doesn't it? Hardly a flop.

    I agree with Leon too, she has thought hard about what women want. Who could be better placed to know what a successful woman in her position would want to wear anyway?

    From working with licensed product myself I know that some celebrities work incredibly hard on their own ranges. Victoria Beckham is one of them and the other celeb of note is Gwen Stefani - an aquaintence of mine spends several weeks a season with her working on the footwear line - all the storyboards, all the designs she does herself - with great passion - and it shows.

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