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Thierry BAYLE

Thierry BAYLE


Fashion expert at RETAIL & WHOLESALE.
25 years of experience both in the UK/ Europe and the USA.

RETAIL - working on your 2 greatest assets: stock and people / With our US partner
* Providing for the past 28 years a merchandise plan to over 500 clients worldwide. Big data with an algorithm, statistical and mathematical models.
*Forecasting sales at over 90% accuracy
*Increasing traffic
*Grow gross profit by up to 43%
*Reduce average stock up to 30% without reducing stock/ GP
Give us a call for a free initial meeting or conversation.
We will share practical tools and tips.
Many seminars/ workshops and webinars available to improve your business.
If you are looking to set up a new EPOS system or upgrade it, we can make sure you get the most out of that important investment - as we say junk in, junk out!

WHOLESALE - Build a global Brand and implement international best practice
Brand management from strategy to execution.

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Comments (136)

  • Comment on: Drapers appoints new editor

    Thierry BAYLE's comment 8 August 2019 7:28 pm

    Congrats - A great moment to take this position. An Industry which is becoming more complex and which needs to embrace change and progress ... Brexit ahead.... The old-timers know it however we need to support the new designers, brands and retailers providing them more on the business of fashion

  • Comment on: Editor's Comment: Blanket discounts make Black Friday a dark day for retail

    Thierry BAYLE's comment 29 November 2018 9:59 am

    Very good comments and I totally agree that blanket discounting during Black Friday (including sometimes on new goods) does not make sense.
    Where is the error coming from?
    Keely, you said it: How will targeted Black Friday promotions support the overall business strategy?
    Yes we can provide discounts on old goods, last season's goods...
    The overall margin has to work in your favour.
    So as an indie, either you do it based on the above, ask financial support from the Brands, buy goods at a discount (that you can resell at a discount) or have a private label programme (with heigher margin so heavier discounts are possible within reason).

  • Comment on: Six challenges fashion retail faces in 2018

    Thierry BAYLE's comment 16 November 2018 11:36 pm

    I had seminars where 0% of the attendees knew how much discounts in value they were giving away to customers over a 1-year period!
    As this % can vary from 10 to 30% of net sales for an Indie, this could translate into giving away £50K or £150K in a £500K store.
    There is a lot of saving to be done if you know how to master how to have the right product at the right time in the right quantity!
    Accordingly Buying and Merchandising is another challenge Retailers face.

  • Comment on: A day in the life: Elizabeth Grew

    Thierry BAYLE's comment 14 February 2017 9:27 am

    Mentoring is good as nobody knows it all.
    A key question for every organisation:
    Who brings critical thinking inside the business?
    Who challenges the top management? without getting fired!
    Thierry Bayle

  • Comment on: Quieter second day follows positive start at Pure

    Thierry BAYLE's comment 14 February 2017 9:25 am

    2 buyers mentioned that directories were out of stock at the end of the second day.
    Understood they are back today.
    Trade Shows are great for buying however I would also stress that it is an opportunity to network and share business insight with colleagues.
    Do not stay alone!
    Also buy NEW brands to excite customers in store.

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