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Thierry Bayle

Thierry Bayle


Retail specialist and working on the small independent retailer 2 greatest assets: stock and people.
18 years of experience brought to you in merchandise planning and retail guidance. You have the Art of knowing what to buy, I will bring you the Science part of buying: how much to buy and when to bring it in. This will increase sales and minimise discounts.
Seminars/ webinars - workshops - training available (at your place or at ours).
Next seminars at MODA UK - Feb 22nd 2010 - and the Off Price Show - March 14th/15th 2010.
International experience in the USA and Europe.
Tel +44 7939 250 381

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Comments (5)

  • Comment on: Butterfly Kisses, Glasgow

    Thierry Bayle's comment 24 February 2009 9:40 am

    For any new retailer who wishes to maximise the opportunities that exist in the stock, I would strongly recommend that you analyse your stock by product classification or product type ( dresses, tops, jeans, suits ...). You will start identifying trends and buying will be much easier and more accurate - we can forecast sales at over 90% accuracy over the next 12 months.
    I am conducting seminars on the art and science of buying at national trade shows but also in London Hammermsith. Several hundred retailers have attended and you will be sure to learn new things about your business.
    In a small boutique, look into analysing 8 to 15 classes.
    The second level of analysis will be by supplier/ brand.
    Also ensure to start taking measurements on your business ( you need to analyse discounts per class, profitability per class ) but also conversion rates ...
    If you cannot attend our seminar, call us and we will be happy to cover the main points over the phone ( 020 8576 6233).
    Today, you need to work smarter and grab every opportunity that exists around you.
    "Learn to make numbers talk! They will reveal the future!"
    - John D. Rockefeller
    All the very best,
    Thierry Bayle - Management One

  • Comment on: George Davies plots next venture

    Thierry Bayle's comment 24 November 2008 9:19 pm

    It is in a time of recession that there are oportunities to grasp. He has the talent and he will certainly be able to make his retail venture to be fresh and fun. A great shopping experience with a regular inflow of fresh goods.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt was saying
    the only limit to our realisation of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

    Good luck to you and, yes, we need more more positive ideas and thoughts.

    Thierry Bayle Management One

  • Comment on: No Time To Stand And Stare

    Thierry Bayle's comment 25 August 2008 10:40 am

    I completely agree that too many retailers look at the day to day and do not spend enough time on the big picture and the strategy and how the staff could help them achieve their goals. I like asking boutique owners the 3 following questions: Do you have a strategy? Is it in writing? ( often not and this is a mistake ) If I pick an employee and ask him/her what the strategy is, will his/her answer match yours? Often not.
    At Management One, we ensure you have a strategy and that the employees buy your vision of the business. The staff will become owners of the business not renters just picking up the monthly cheque.
    Investing in your people will bring out hidden talents and the right management process will get them to accomplish new, exciting and meaningful goals. This will enhance the impact on customers and your bottom line.
    Revisiting the way you handle issues affecting your business will mean your staff will handle professionally most urgent issues which are certainly today handled by you. As the owner, you must spend more time in important issues ( the strategy, growing the business, new investments...).
    Feel free to call/ attend one of our free seminars on Winning@Business to help independent retailers.
    If you do not act today, your competitors will and they will overtake you.
    Have a great season.
    Thierry Bayle 07846 191 224

  • Comment on: Drapers launches free Ask the Expert service

    Thierry Bayle's comment 19 June 2008 1:47 pm

    Is there a plan to focus the expert panel on export issues especially the USA. Many brands wish to build up the brand in the US but many of them fail to understand the 101 golden rules for sales success.
    Thank you.
    Thierry 07939 250 381

  • Comment on: Property: Opening a new womenswear shop

    Thierry Bayle's comment 19 June 2008 1:44 pm

    The reader seemed to be looking for answers beyond retail property, it is important to highlight that she must have a clear understanding of the target customer she wants to sell to. She must also have 1.) a business plan to ensure the financing is there to support her until the business generates positive cash flow. 2.) the right open to buy.
    When I work with small independent boutiques, I see too often buyers analysing the stock by supplier. This is wrong and she must analyse the stock by product type. She can contact me for further explanation and attend one of our seminar on the art and science of buying ( Summer Fair this week ).Good Luck.Thierry 07939 250 381 Management One